Thunder Grinder
Thunder Bay's Premier Gravel Cycling Event

Thunder Grinder you say? What am I signing up for you ask? Gravel what? Grinder who? Do you know how busy I am?!

We understand. You have some serious questions and deserve some serious answers. Give us five minutes, we’ll explain……hold my beer.

The Thunder Grinder is the brainchild of a group of likeminded cyclists yearning for an excuse to organize a ride. Normally, we send out some texts, post on the Facebook, send out the pigeons, light the signal fires, and tell our spouses we’ll be back before dinner. We thought it was about time we take this to the next level.

We got together, discussed, analysed, percolated, then unanimously agreed that we will organize the greatest gravel ride of all time! We may have set the bar a tad too high……I’ll take that beer back now.

So, what are you in for? We have two tantalizing ride options consisting of a 60km and 120km. Both route options will take you through the gravelisious maze of the Thunder Bay outskirts. These routes have been carefully crafted by a team of seasoned riders whom have collectively logged thousands of kilometers over the last decade navigating this intricate web of Lappe cars museums, SISU strongholds and Slate River farmland. Presented by the TBCC and supported by our local business community, this is your best chance to immerse yourself in a true Thunder Bay gravel adventure. Race it or ride it, the choice is yours. Either way we guarantee you will have a blast!

So, does the fun end when the last kilometer has been completed? Nope. We’re cooking up something special. You won’t be disappointed.

Code of Conduct and Tips for the Wise:
• In the words of Frankie MacDonald “BE PREPARED!!” don’t forget that case of Pepsi.
• Make sure you bike is gravel worthy for the ride (33mm tires and up recommended). Get it tuned up at a local bike shop before the ride.
• Be kind to each other and stop to help any stranded riders along the way. The universe will repay your kind gestures.
• Be respectful of people’s property. Pee discretely.
• Always, always, always stay on the right side of the road. Pacelines are faster anyway.
• Other than your tire tracks don’t leave any trace behind. Litterers will be publicly shamed.
• Know where you’re going. The course will be marked, cue cards will be provided, and track files are available for upload to your GPS. It’s still up to you to make the right turn (or the left one).
• Call your mom, she worries about you

Without the help of our amazing sponsors this event would not be possible. The most sincere THANK YOU to all our supporters.